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From Dream to Dram

Curious about who we are and what drives us to pour your next unforgettable dram? Dive into this section and unveil the stories behind the stories! Learn about the passionate individuals who founded Ooshka Bar, discover our mission to educate and inspire through immersive tastings, and get a glimpse into what makes our experiences truly unique.

Introducing Ooshka Bar

Ooshka bar invites you on a journey through Scotland, from the peaty hills to the salty shores, one dram at a time. Founded in 2023 by a passionate team, our mission is simple: educate through experience. Your experience at Ooshka Bar is more than just sampling spirits. It's an immersive journey through Scotland's vibrant landscape. We aren't just passionate about Scottish spirits, we're passionate about the stories behind each bottle, the history of their distilleries, and we believe that small, independent makers have just as much of a story to tell.

The Faces Behind the Flavours

Meet the passionate spirits enthusiasts driving your Ooshka Bar experience! These dedicated individuals, fuelled by love for Scottish history, handcrafted delights, and seamless execution, work together to unveil the stories behind each dram.

Mark, our resident whisky expert, and Chelsea, our gin enthusiast and mixologist extraordinaire. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to every tasting. Behind the scenes, Alex ensures everything runs smoothly, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Ooshka experience.

Beyond the Label: A Celebration of Smaller Distilleries

We believe in celebrating the diversity of Scottish spirits. We source from smaller, independent distilleries, often overlooked but brimming with passion, innovation, and character. Our guides unveil the hidden histories and unique methods behind each sip. You'll learn about the distilleries' journeys, their dedication to their craft, and the unique ingredients and processes that shape each bottling's identity. You won't just taste the spirit; you'll experience the story behind it.

Partnering with these artisanal producers allows a wider range of flavours to get creative with, imagine indulging in a dram infused with local botanicals, or savour the complexity of a single malt, born from generations of tradition passed down by a family-run distillery.

More Than Just Tastings: Immerse Yourself in Scottish Culture

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond the distilleries. We're as passionate about Oban as we are about whisky. That's why we partner with local businesses to offer unique, collaborative experiences. From a perfectly paired steak and whisky dinner, to a lively "meet-the-maker" session with the distillers themselves. You'll often find us hosting such events at a variety of venues in and around Oban.

We work with our local partners to craft truly unique experiences, whether that's of our invention or yours. Our bespoke packages often feature a variety of our Oban friends to help weave more Scottish culture into your individual experience.

Join Us on Your Scottish Spirits Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned whisky aficionado or simply curious to explore the world beyond the big brands, Ooshka Bar is your gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Ready to embark on your journey? Explore our website to browse our diverse range of tastings, book your experience, and get ready to taste Scotland like never before.



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