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Discover the World of Ooshka Bar

Welcome to Ooshka Bar, located in the heart of Oban, we curate unforgettable tastings that showcase the best Scotland has to offer. Join our expert hosts on an authentic journey through iconic distilleries and hidden gems, uncovering the stories, history, and unique methods behind each dram. We champion smaller, independent producers, offering a fresh perspective on Scotland's renowned spirit industry.

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Unforgettable Tasting Experiences

At Ooshka Bar, we offer a range of tasting experiences to suit every palate. Whether you savour whisky or adore gin, we have tastings of every flavour. Enhance your experience with exclusive pairing evenings showcasing the best local seafood, meats, and cheeses.

Ready to explore? Book your experience and raise a glass to an authentic Scottish adventure!

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Our Spirits

Showcasing Scotland's Finest

Our mission is to showcase Scotland's finest by championing smaller, independent distilleries. While Scotland is renowned for its whisky, it is also home to a variety of craft distilleries producing exceptional artisan gins, each a testament to Scotland's natural botanicals. Savour the artistry of handmade cocktails, with unique recipes that capture each spirit's distinctive character, and leave with a newfound love for these classic spirits.

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